The Rotterdam Zombie Walk

A Phenomenon in Rotterdam city since 2014!

Organised by theRotterdam punk/metal/altrock scene the Rotterdam Zombie walk scares the shit out of people. 2018 marks the 4th Zombie Walk!
The Rotterdam Zombie Walk is not a commercial event and will never be as long as we have a say in it.
Everyone who has make up skills in invited to turn his/her friends into zombies and join the walk. However if you can't find someone to do your zombie make-over we have a team of professional make-up artists present. Check our webshop for details

This site provides you with photo's, films, reviews of all the Zombie Walks we organised. Enjoy and join us on october 27 in the city of Rotterdam!

Respect us!

We're horror fans ourselves and we organise this event for the fun of it.

If you think there's some satanic plot behind the Rotterdam Zombie Walk we advice you to consult a psychiatrist.
If you don't like it: stay away.

Rotterdam Zombie Walk is sponsored by: Rotterdam Festivals, stichting ter bevordering van Volkskracht, Koorn&Co, Black Widow  en Stichting Tocado